Doubts and more doubts & hellip; It's always okay to ask! To make it easier for you. Here you have a list of frequently asked questions and if you want to know more you can always contact us at


We have opened our online store and we want to tell you about the measures we have taken about COVID-19:

1. SHIPPING: Once we receive your order, we insulate it for 48 hours in its packaging to guarantee the isolation of the garment.

We ask that once you receive it, you follow the hygiene protocol, Take the garment out of the box, wash your hands and isolate the box that will be the only thing that may be exposed during the delivery process. The garment is in its packaging and isolated from contact for at least 48 hours but if you prefer and & nbsp; you can isolate it for another 48 hours at home to be completely safe. & Nbsp;

2. DELIVERY TIMES: In order to keep the garment isolated we must take & nbsp; Extra days in the shipping process. We appreciate you being patient. Your order according to the city in which you are located will take some time. between 5 and 10 days to arrive once you place your purchase.

3. RETURNS AND EXCHANGES: In order to take the correct precautions regarding returns. We ask that you contact us to make your return or exchange and so on. program the protocol in the best way. Don't worry it will be Simple and without problems, you can send us an email to, write to us via DM to our RRSS or via WhatsApp at + 34 & nbsp; 623251723. & nbsp;

You have all the possibilities of making changes or returns, following the lines of our standard Terms and Conditions (delivery and returns will vary). & nbsp;

4. SCHEDULED SHIPMENTS: We have enabled this option for you to make your purchase and schedule the shipment for up to a term of & nbsp; 6 months, or once we exceed the alarm state, you schedule it for when you prefer.

< p>

You can make the purchase and express your wish that your order arrives later or contact us so that we can make the order together. T & uacute; You decide. & nbsp;

In any case we will send you the confirmation of your purchase via email so that you can be sure that you will receive your order once you indicate it. < / p>

5. GIFT CARDS: & nbsp;

We have created virtual gift cards, as & iacute; You can send birthday gifts, anniversaries, special days or even give yourself a gift without the need for any physical contact. & nbsp;

En ideal for sending people at high risk of contagion as & iacute; will have your gift to redeem whenever you want and be prudent. & nbsp;

Find out more here:

We are together to face the challenges and changes that this virus brings us and we will keep you up to date with any news we have. & nbsp;

If you miss any information or initiative do not hesitate to contact us so that we can solve it. & Nbsp;

& iexcl; Thank you very much for supporting us! & Nbsp;

2How can I know my size?

We offer you a table created for you. Whit this chart you can identify what & eacute; Bra size works best for you. To find out more go to know your size and discover your ideal size.

If you can't find your measurement in our table, contact us at info @ myrinaworld .com , we want our clothes to be for everyone like this that we will do what we can to find your ideal measure and that you can enjoy your Myrina clothes.

3What if my size has different measurements between high and low?

It is super normal . We work on a back and cup concept so that we all have comfort & nbsp; with & nbsp; the size that best suits to our body. & Nbsp;

For make it easier keep in mind that:

- If the difference is between 2 sizes, that is, SM or ML or L-XL, it is best to keep the size that fits with your bass so that it is not going to be big or small. & nbsp;

- If the measurement of your base line is within the limit of any of the sizes, stay with the size that corresponds to the stop. For example: Your low is 83cm (L) Your high is 76cm (M) in this case & nbsp; your size is & nbsp; M.

- If the measurement ranges between more of 2 sizes, that is, SL or M-XL again guide through your hem and identify the next closest size. For example: Your low is 68 (S) and your high is 88 (L), in this case your size will be & aacute; M. It is the size that will fit you. good to fit your back and give space for your & nbsp; breast or breasts to be comfortable.

Take the test & nbsp; and if you think it is not the correct size & nbsp; you can make a size change, to & ntilde; add an extension to your order or even ask for a refund.

And remember that & nbsp; if you have doubts you can always consult us & nbsp; by the means you prefer (mail, whatsapp ...) and you can also sign up for a free visit from one of our advisers, who will help you; to better understand your size and your body. (We send you the monthly calls in our newsletter & sign up!)

4Where are the garments produced

Our bras and garments are a product created to improve the reality of all the people involved. For this reason, we work in a environment responsible of Colombian women & nbsp; who make the bras and the garments & nbsp; designed from Spain & other places in the world and turn them into real pieces & nbsp; in Colombia through small productions that make each & nbsp; bra & nbsp; each garment & uacute ; unique and special.

5How much does my order take to arrive?

We try to maintain a standard of between 2 and 7 days capable of delivery * depending on the geographical location in which If you find yourself, this period may take more logistical effort and your order will take more days. When you place your order you will be able to know according to your location how many days it will take; to get the order to your door.

For more detailed information, you can go to our Payment space and send us where you can get to know all the information better. ; n about it

* In the remote case of r delays or inconveniences derived from external, climatological, social or even customs factors. They may generate extra charges for which Myrina is not responsible, since we cannot guarantee them accurately.

6Can I make returns?

Of course! T & uacute; You decide if & nbsp; Myrina's bras * & nbsp; fit perfectly and make you happy. In case you need to make returns, size or color changes please tell me Email us through

Send a message with the DEVO subject, specify your number order number and the reason why you want to make the return or exchange; we will contact you to proceed.

Remember that you have 15 business days from the moment you receive your order to carry out any exchange or refund process; n. For more information you can consult the terms and conditions (link) of your purchase.

* For hygiene reasons We do not make changes or returns of panties unless they are specifically due to manufacturing defects and come in the same condition as they have been delivered, unused and in their packaging.

7Are bras only for women who have faced breast cancer?

Our bras and all our clothes are for women without labels , & nbsp; regardless of the moment of life you are facing, you can & nbsp; Enjoy them.

They are also garments designed so that women who have face or are facing & nbsp; mastectomies, breast surgeries, breast cancer or any breast discomfort can & nbsp; enjoy in the same way that you would a woman who is at breastfeeding, have large breasts, augmentation, reduction , or are simply looking for quality, comfort and well-being in your intimate clothing while supporting a responsible cause of awareness and inclusion.

Our designs are & uuacute They are unique and follow the health fashion, & nbsp; trend, fashion garments for the health and well-being of those who wear it.

8What guarantee do the bras have?

All Myrina bras and our garments in general have a 15-year guarantee days since you receive it. & nbsp;

If you have any problem with the quality of the bras or with our pieces do not hesitate to contact with us; Send us an email to with the subject TARA and we will We will respond with the steps to proceed.

For more information visit & nbsp; the warranty section in our Terms and Conditions.

9Can I find Myrina in stores?

Our main means of sale is online but we have some representatives & nbsp; Myrina in different countries where you can buy our clothes.

Tell us at on what & eacute; country you want to make your purshase we will help you.

10Can I be Myrina representative in my city?

Of course! Visit the space Myrina team and discover what it means to join in the global initiative of & nbsp; ambassadors & nbsp; health fashion .

11My country is not on the shipping list. Can I buy from anywhere in the world?

We are in the process of opening online markets.

If you are interested in any bra, bralette or garment and you cannot find your country among the countries enabled on the web; Send us an email at telling us where you are ; s and what you want to acquire (size, color, etc) , we will do what we can to make it so be.

12I want to understand about the extensions?

The extensors < / a> are a small accessory that is used to lengthen the base of the bra, as & iacute; when for example you are a cup size S but your back is a bit bigger you can choose to use an extension and adapt your bra to your bodily needs.

And like Myrina's bras and each of the designs we do are inclusive , designed to solve the diverse needs that we may have in our lives, we want to offer & nbsp; extensions for & nbsp; all women who need options . & nbsp;

< p> You can include 1 in your shopping cart & nbsp; and is free. & nbsp;

Keep in mind that & nbsp; although & nbsp; include more units you will only receive one with your order.

As this accessory is something that is not necessary for everyone and is part of the principle of inclusion and empathy of Myrina, & nbsp; we ask you to be supportive and if you do not need it do not make unjustified use of the resources we have for all. & nbsp;

By the way, if you need more extension cords because you made a single purchase of colors, let us know and we will try to solve it together. & nbsp;

And finally, if you have used extension cords but still? our clothes & nbsp; still do not adapt to your body contact us at and we will try to find solutions to suit you.

13What are the benefits of the Try the Myrina Experience service (Order, try and pay later)

& iexcl; Everyone!

But if you want, here are three specific reasons for you to decide if you are interested in using this service: & nbsp;

1. You can try on Myrina bras and find out if they suit you perfectly. Just like in a store but from the comfort and privacy of your home without paying anything.

2. We pay the refund.

3. If you stay more than one of our wirefree bras Myrina we will give you a 10% discount on the total of your order and shipping ; o it will come out free.

14How does the Try the Myrina Experience service work (Ask, try and pay later)?

We have created this service, with which you can order up to three & nbsp; Myrina bras & nbsp; on our website and try them & nbsp; in the comfort of your house without for free. Only applies to card purchases * and bras.

The system is very simple: & nbsp;

1. Select the Myrina & nbsp; garments in & nbsp; the size and color you & nbsp; like and add them to your cart.

2. Once here, continue with the checkout process. In the SPECIAL SELLER INSTRUCTIONS box, indicate that you are placing an order TEST THE MYRINA EXPERIENCE.

3. On the next page, check the option to try and pay later. & Nbsp;

4. Select 10% s & iacute; It is a single garment that you want to try and 20% if you are ordering 2 items and 30% if you are ordering 3.

5. Finish your order process. & Nbsp;

& iexcl; There it is! You will receive the order at your home to try it on. You have within a maximum period of & nbsp; 2 days to inform us & nbsp; if you want to make the purchase or make a return.

If you have decided to keep the clothes, As soon as we inform ourselves, we will proceed to make the final charge that does not include the security percentage. That is, that on your card it will be seen reflected the payment for the value of the garment (s) (the one on the web), plus the cost of shipping, as in a normal order.

Otherwise, if you decide not to keep the clothes. We will send you the return instructions and as soon as we receive the garments in perfect condition we will cancel the order. & Nbsp;

* For & nbsp; bank transfer payments contact us. & Nbsp; < / p>

15What if I want to keep the garment or items that I ordered with Try Myrina Experience (Order, try and pay later)?

¡Genial! Solo debes enviarnos un mail o whatsapp que confirme tu decisión. Nosotras procederemos a procesar la devolución o el pago según corresponda.

Si te quedas con más de una prenda todas estaremos muy felices, así que aplicaremos un 10% de descuento sobre el total de tú compra y el envío te saldrá gratis.

16¿Y si quiero quedarme solo una de las prendas Myrina que pedí con Prueba-te la Experiencia Myrina (Pide, prueba y paga después)?

¡Perfecto! Sólo debes enviarnos un mensaje a nuestro mail o por whatsapp informándonos tu decisión y nosotras procederemos a enviarte las instrucciones de devolución de la prenda o las prendas que no deseas. 

Una vez recibamos las prendas en sus condiciones originales, cargaremos en tu tarjeta el pago por el coste del sujetador que te quedaste más los gastos de envío correspondientes. Como en un pedido normal.

17¿Y si no quiero quedarme las prendas Myrina que pedí con Prueba-te la Experiencia Myrina (Pide, prueba y paga después)?

Es una pena. Pero no te preocupes solo debes enviarnos un mensaje con tu decisión a nuestro correo o por whatsapp y procederemos a enviarte las instrucciones de devolución, tienes 2 días para hacer el envío una vez recibes la etiqueta de la devolución. 

Una vez recibamos las prendas en su estado original, cargaremos a tu tarjeta el coste de los gastos de envío iniciales.

Si las prendas no llegan a nuestras manos o se encuentran en mal estado, se cargará el total de la orden realizada, es decir, el coste de la o las prendas más el porcentaje de seguridad. 

18What does the percentage of security in the Try the Myrina Experience service (Order, try and pay later) mean?

It is an extra percentage that we added to the cost of the garments in your order to ensure the good use of the service and the garments.

This guarantees that we will receive the & nbsp ; bras & nbsp; Myrina in perfect condition when you return them to us.

The percentages are: < / p>

- If it is a single garment 10%
- If it is two garments 20%
- If it is three 30% & nbsp;

< / p>

This percentage will not be charged. Unless we receive the garments damaged or spoiled or do not receive them back. Depending on the case, different options apply.

S & iacute; If for more than 4 days since you received the garments we have no news about you, we will process the payment for the final cost, including the security percentage. & nbsp;

For this reason, it is very important that you meet the deadlines that we propose and inform us of your desire to keep the garments. & Nbsp;

19What are the terms in Try the Myrina Experience service (Order try and pay later)?

In order for everything to work like a clock, you have the following deadlines: & nbsp;

- 2 days from the moment you receive the order to inform us of your decision. < / p>

- 2 days to & nbsp; send the return since you receive the label.

^ S & iacute; If for more than 4 days since you received the garments we have no news about you, we will process the payment for the final cost, including the security percentage. & nbsp;