Myrina, Amazon queen, mythological warrior who represents us as we are, strong, organized, brave, valuable and much more than just bodies. The etymology links the word amazon with the meaning of breastless; Explaining that these warriors removed one of their breasts in order to perfectly use the bow and arrow, affirming that being a woman transcends beyond that; of a physical image.

& iexcl; Every woman is an Amazon, we say goodbye to labels! If we have small or large breasts, we are breastfeeding, we have experienced a mastectomy, with or without reconstruction, we have faced or are facing breast cancer, we continue to have the freedom to feel happy, sensual, valuable and especially women.

For Myrina being a woman means strength, capacity, possibility, beauty, intelligence, love, freedom. For that reason; you love yourself, you enjoy yourself, you know yourself, you strengthen yourself, you know yourself woman. Myrina is created by and for us.