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And the model?

Originally the concept of a model in the fashion world represented replacing clothes hooks with bodies that could give a more real volume to the garments that were wanted to be presented.

Hence the evolution of the The ideal of what a woman's body is has been transformed for decades, but always carrying within itself on the one hand the background of objectification and on the other the purpose of generating the aspirational desire to be the perfection that these women and men transmit.

And the rest of us mortals have become accustomed to living idealising and punishing ourselves almost always for not complying with the "aesthetic standards" that society determines in an enlightened way. Longing for those bodies, those hairs, those skins and many times those lives that seem so interesting but we really have no idea what they are like.

However, there is something that is true the garments having a volume of real bodies make it easier to visualize the final result. And we bet on that inclusive underwear for real bodies, real women, real lives, real feelings, real battles.

For this reason you will see that our bras, bralettes, pantyhose and other garments are not exposed on bodies or mannequins, we want women without labels, of all colors, shapes, personalities, nationalities, etc. We want Myrina women, warriors who are much more than body lines.

 Lourdes inclusive bra for all uses and all women (black on white)

We do not use established models, much less for women's lingerie, because we believe that there should not be, we refuse to show certain prototypes of" beauty "or physical images. Socially established, we want our models to be the women who wear our garments and are the true bodies and faces of the brand.

We invite you to meet us, change the traditional and try our garments for yourself so that you surprise and be encouraged to participate by sharing photos, comments or stories of your #experienciamyrina, we will be waiting for you to continue taking steps jun You are in this universe of women without labels.

Thank you for understanding us and wanting to be part of the change. Visit us at

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