Mitsy I Myrina Health fashion - Wirefree bra


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You are a woman who demands what she likes, finds tranquility and happiness in the little pleasures of life and so you radiate it to others. You love yourself, you love your body and you feel comfortable with yourself.

This wirefree cup bra from Myrina proposes a novel design that allows you, for example, to receive a massage without having to take it off or expose your back when using a Neckline dress without worrying about the changes your body has had or is experiencing due to situations such as breast cancer.

This pocketed bra has removable padding for you to use as you wish (with an external prosthesis, reconstruction, mastectomy, breast surgery, padding, etc.).

Its strapless cut with just the right height leaves your cleavage free , while the transparent straps on the back allow you to adjust the closure and the tension you want according to your need.

96% cotton and 4% elastane, has the perfect mix to give you a novel, comfortable and delicate option .