Our bras have been designed in an inclusive way so that we can use them in all the life circumstances we find ourselves in. We create special, delicate, feminine, comfortable garments for everyone women, following the trend & nbsp; health fashion .

If you have faced changes in your body, mastectomy, breast cancer, breast surgery, you use external prostheses, breast forms, expanders or you have breast reconstruction, Myrina's clothes are also made for you , we seek your happiness, the inclusion and equality within our gender.

Every time you buy a garment from Myrina you support the fight against breast cancer and claim the need to raise awareness facing what it means and the changes it represents, asking for all the same opportunities in: access to garments that we & nbsp; make happy, act Lives that keep us healthy and speeches that make us real .

Myrina wants you to express your feminine instinct; He wants women to say NO to labels and own their freedom and their bodies.