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Untagged Women- Manifesto

The concept of Untagged women is more of a sentiment. It is hard to put in writing the emotions and experiences that we have lived and have led us to want a change, to want a world of women. That is what we are, WOMEN.

Imperfect and divine human beings, happy and demanding, strong and delicate , fighters and sensitive, we are what each of us knows that makes us unique women.

The social labels they impose on us do not define us, we are not the busty, the easy, the pregnant, the tall, the fat, the one that no longer has breasts, the one with the prosthesis, the sexy, the intense, the pretty, the ugly, the princess. NO.

I am I, I love myself, I respect myself, I value myself, I take care of myself, I become aware of myself and my collective. I decide for myself. I am happy for myself.

Myrina with her bras and inclusive lingerie wants to enhance in each woman an individual feeling with which by recognizing herself, she will learn and enjoy loving, respecting and accepting herself, her body and her reality of life.

And at the same time with her designs for all women, she wants to generate a collective feeling of gender that helps us accept ourselves, value ourselves and become aware that two breasts, one or none are not what makes us women and if we manage to understand, support and cooperate together we will increase the sense of gender belonging and we will be able to reclaim our role.

Myrina is committed to untagged women , women who are Tired of receiving labels and decide to take steps in a world of women without social stereotypes.

Being part of the untagged woman community means being yourself leaving aside prejudices and misconceptions gender, means fighting for n you and it means understanding that we are a collective that if kept together can make a change.

We unite against breast cancer, we unite to demand well-being and we unite to make our voices heard.

* Photo by Chelsi Peter de Pexels (edited by Myrina Sas)

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